INTERVIEW: Cody Rhodes Talks 'All Elite Wrestling: Dynamite' w/ Mike Jones

Cody Rhodes had a vision over a year ago to bring about a wrestling revolution and we'll get to watch it live tomorrow with the debut of All Elite Wrestling: Dynamite at 8pm on TNT!

Cody joined me this morning for a conversation about how he's been having sleepless nights and loving all of it, the established and new wrestling stars that we'll see with AEW, how important it is to listen to the wrestling fans, how every event has to have a "can't-miss" feel, wrestlers and coaches bringing their experience to AEW and why D.C. was the perfect spot for the debut of All Elite Wrestling: Dynamite!

Here's my conversation with Cody Rhodes on It's Mike Jones. Make sure to tune in tomorrow night on TNT for All Elite Wrestling: Dynamite and you can see about all of the upcoming AEW events by clicking here. Good luck tomorrow and congratulations to Cody and everyone at AEW!

(photo: Getty Images)

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