DC Police Seek Bicyclist Accused of "Ride-By Butt Slaps"

DC Police are looking for the public's help in identifying a person on a bicycle who allegedly slapped multiple women's rear ends in the Southeast part of the District.

At least three women told police a person on a red bicycle rode up from behind them and slapped and/or grabbed their behinds. The three assaults happened in the span of five hours on Monday, not far from Nationals Park.

Metropolitan Police Department Commander Morgan Kane says, "No, it's not funny, it's not a joke. It's serious, and it's a crime and we'll treat it as such."

The suspect appears to be riding a bicycle from Capital Bikeshare. A short video clip was also released by the Department.

It's unclear if the person of interest is a minor or an adult. When caught, they will face misdemeanor sexual abuse offenses.

Source: WBALTV.com

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