Man Dumps Girlfriend But Insists on Going to Her Sister's Wedding in Hawaii

A man on reddit has stirred a fierce debate over a situation he has found himself in after breaking up with his girlfriend. He says he still wants to go to his ex's sister's wedding in Hawaii because he was invited and already paid for his trip there.

On the subreddit "Am I the Asshole?" user snobsagainstslobs writes,

My girlfriend and I had been together for 2 and a half years. Before my decision to break up we had bought a vacation package together for her sisters wedding in Maui. She was short on splitting the cost so I covered $1,700 of the $2,500 total cost.
After the breakup she would not allow me to go with her because it was my choice to end the relationship and she would not be paying me back for any part of the trip. I insisted that I should still be able to go because of the amount I paid towards the trip.
All I wanted to do was go to Hawaii sleep on the couch of the hotel we had in the evening and be gone the rest of the day. She made the argument I would be ruining her sisters wedding, which none of her family was staying at the same hotel we had booked and had no plans to hang out or be a part of any part of the wedding.
She then canceled my ticket without telling me and I will never see any of the $1,700 back or the money she got back for my plane ticket.
Edit: I want to make it very clear I wanted little to no interaction with her the whole trip. I understand staying at the same hotel was going to be a bad time mmmk....I’m more pissed my flight was canceled without my knowledge and before I could find a cheap hostel of sorts as an alternative.

Some are siding with the man in this case, saying he should go to small claims court since he's basically out of $1,700.

Others are siding with the ex, saying that it was his decision to dump her after paying her the money for the trip which was solely for the purpose of attending the wedding. He would be in part ruining the wedding because it would give his ex and her family a way to recover from him and move on.

It seemed the general consensus was that he's not the asshole but that he shouldn't go to Hawaii.


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