People Are Crapping on ASOS for Selling These Tie-Dyed "Poopy Pants"

If there's one area of art that causes so many questionable moments, it's fashion. I have a basic understanding that fashion is often meant to portray a message as a work of art rather than functionality as clothing. It can also be a vehicle to make a statement.

Well, ASOS has certainly made a statement with their new offering of "Public Desire relaxed joggers in tie dye co-ord." Why, you ask? It's because they're a pair of white pants with brown tie dye patterns on them. And those patterns make it look like there are doo doo skid marks all over them. I mean, there are two giant streaks emanating from the ass area of the pants.

"We all have accidents - but don't worry about the stains on your behind!"

"These trousers are the perfect cover #poopypants #asosfail #asoswtf"

ASOS claims these "poopy pants" are selling out fast. If I see someone walking around wearing these I will chuckle lightly.


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