Thousands Pledge to Storm Bermuda Triangle: "It Can't Swallow All Of Us"

Weeks before over a million people people claim they are going to band together and storm Area 51 in Nevada to "see them aliens," event organizers are planning to tackle and get to the bottom of another perpetually mysterious location.

A new event page has been created to "Storm The Bermuda Triangle, It Can't Swallow All of Us."

Anthony Carnovale, the event's creator says he'll "provide the boats and scuba gear" for the thousands of people who have already pledged to join. "Attendees must dress as Spongebob characters or pirates," he adds. "Just bring weed and a lot of beer and whiskey."

Carnovale also created a fundraising page in hopes of raising $75k for a party featuring live music and entertainment, promising it was not a scam. "I'm legit trying to throw a party for everyone so they'll come to my thing. This is the time for assembly to show this country we can organize. Let's go have a good time. Let's still clap these sea monster cheeks. Ok. Let's all just have fun."

At the time of this writing, over 8,000 people have joined the group, scheduled to happen on October 1st.


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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