Guy Fieri Pledges to Feed Area 51 Raid Team with "Radioactive Ribs"

The thousands of people planning to raid Area 51 in Nevada to "see them aliens" won't have to worry about getting hungry. And they might not have to worry about being hurt by alien laser beams.

That's because everyone's famous chef and Food Network star Guy Fieri says he's planning to feed the Area 51 raiders.

Fieri tweeted a photo of himself cooking glowing green ribs on a grill with the caption, "Workin’ on some new recipes for the folks inside Area 51 👽 The Radioactive Ribs are lookin’ goooooood 🔥🔥🔥"

We're hoping Guy has tons of ribs ready if the thousands of people who have pledged to storm the secretive US military base actually do show up. And we hope radioactive ribs are a real thing that protect against alien technology by way of radioactive force field.

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