City Resorts to Endless Loop of "Baby Shark" to Drive Homeless Out of Park

City officials in West Palm Beach, Florida have resorted to using a continuous loop of children's music in hopes that it will discourage homeless people from sleeping on the patio of a glass-walled pavilion.

The parks and recreation director of West Palm Beach, Leah Rockwell, says the music is meant to be a deterrent to folks sleeping near the rental banquet facility which brings in around $240,000 a year from hosting events.

The popular children's songs "Baby Shark" and "Raining Tacos" will be played on an endless loop at night until the facility establishes a schedule of open and closed hours in order to be able to enforce trespassing laws.

One homeless person in the area says "it's wrong" to treat people this way by blasting music but admits it's not enough to stop him from sleeping there.

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