Dude Gets Lit Up by Cops After He's Stopped Following Police Chase (VIDEO)

A police pursuit in southwest Detroit ended after the driver of a Dodge Journey was surrounded by police and they fired shots at the vehicle.

Aerial footage from a helicopter shows the Dodge being pursued by law enforcement along I-75 for several minutes. The driver got off the highway and multiple police vehicles attempted PIT maneuvers. After multiple tries to get the vehicle to stop, police eventually surrounded it.

Over a dozen officers emerged from their vehicles with weapons drawn at the suspect who had stopped, but the driver accelerated and seemingly attempted to pin one of the officers between the Dodge and a concrete wall. It is after that moment the officers fire shots at the vehicle.

A few moments passed and the suspect exited the vehicle and surrendered to the authorities. It is unknown at the time of this writing if the driver was hit by any of the shots or if there were any other passengers inside the Dodge.

Source: FOX2Detroit.com

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