Small British Town Unveils Eazy-E Memorial Bench Despite No Ties to Rapper

A seaside town in England has erected a memorial bench honoring the late rapper Eazy-E who died in 1995. Sounds great, but the town has no ties to the former N.W.A. member at all. Eazy-E never visited Newhaven, never mentioned it in his songs and the town's council had never heard of him.

Music fan Guy Stevens is responsible for the new bench. He started an online fundraising campaign as a joke, but was shocked to find that £1,549 (~$1,954) in donations were made.

Newhaven Town Council members say they had "no idea" who Eazy-E was but approved the memorial bench due to the amount of money that was raised.

Eazy-E's daughter says she was planning to visit the bench after it was unveiled but "didn't realize it was in the UK."

The memorial cost £1,177, and Stevens used the leftover funds to make a donation to local HIV charities the Sussex Beacon and the Terrence Higgins Trust. Eazy-E died from complications of AIDS.


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