Woman Beats Wife With Detached Bedpost After Throwing Marijuana in Washer

A woman was charged with battery after attacking her wife with a bedpost after she accidentally threw her marijuana in a washing machine.

30-year-old Ashley Perkins of Louisiana was visiting some family in Florida with her wife when the incident occurred. The 48-year-old victim says Perkins became enraged and beat her with a detached bedpost after learning that she accidentally put Perkins' weed in the washer.

The victim suffered cuts, contusions and a possible broken bone in her arm as a result of the attack. Perkins initially told police that she thought her wife's injuries were caused when she rolled over the bedpost. Perkins changed her story while being transported to a local jail, saying that her wife picked up the bedpost and hit herself with it.

The inconsistencies lead to Perkins being charged with aggravated battery.

Source: NYPost.com

Photo Credit: Santa Rosa County Jail

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