Constipated Woman Says She Lost 10 Years of Memory After Straining Too Hard

A woman in Hong Kong claims she lost the last 10 years of her memory as a result of straining too hard on the toilet due to constipation.

An article on the China Post says the woman was taken to a hospital and spent the night. Most of her memory seemed to return the next morning, but she claims she still had no recollection of the 8 hours after she was on the toilet constipated.

Dr. Sarah Jarvis says it's plausible that such a thing could happen from over-straining while sitting on the toilet. "In theory, it is possible to explain someone losing their memory as a result of excessive straining at the toilet. If you are physically pushing very hard, you could cut off blood supply to the brain," she says, although she says she has never seen a case of such severe memory loss due to constipation.


Photo: Getty Images

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