There's an Account Dedicated to Exposing Instagram Models Who Photoshop

For years and years, beauty magazines have done extensive retouches to photographs of models. In some cases, maybe a blemish or two are removed, maybe a loose hair is fixed and other minor touchups are made. In other cases, a person's entire body type is changed and more "desirable" features are added. I remember a few years back when an article came out showing how touched up a pic of Justin Beiber in his boxers was.

Anyways, you'd think this type of editing was reserved for wealthy individuals or companies that could shell out the dough to the professional photo editors, but now Instagram is being flooded with these Photoshops.

An Instagram account was made called beauty.false, dedicated to showing the amount of retouching some Instagram models go through to make themselves look better. I'm not even sure if I'd describe them as looking better. They're actually kinda weird when you put the two together. The untouched photos definitely look more realistic.

I'm guessing all of this Photoshopping is to cover up these model's insecurities about their own body image and/or project an unrealistic beauty standard in order to prey on other people's insecurities and sell them beauty products. But that's a whole other conversation.

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