Town To Use DNA Tests to Fine Dog Owners Who Don't Pick Up Poop

A town in England has had it with dog owners not picking up after their dogs. Now the city council of Southend is about to introduce DNA testing for dog poop so they can match them to their owners and issue them a fine.

The town's council leader Tony Cox says, "People have told us they want these things in place and I firmly believe we can deliver them."

Townsfolk are tired of having to avoid piles of crap near an elementary school in Southend, near shops and in a community garden.

The fines could range between $80 and $1,200 for those who get caught from a DNA test of their dog's poop.

Although for the DNA tests to work, dog owners would have to first submit DNA from their dog in order to create a profile for a potential match. Obviously the town doesn't expect everyone with a dog to do the test, but believe the fact that they are testing to see who the culprits are should serve as a deterrent.

Similar testings have already been enacted in other parts of the UK and US. A dog DNA specialist company called PooPrints is used to register pets.


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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