Two Bros Complete 34-Stop Tour of the UK's Most Rudely-Named Places

Warning: Video Contains NSFW Language

Two brothers recently completed a 2,000-mile road trip, taking them all across England on a path the two mapped out over the course of six years.

You'd figure they were checking out significant places in England's history, famous landmarks, or possibly sports stadiums.

But, no. Andy and Magnus Tait made a 34-stop trip to visit the country's most rudely-named towns, roads and villages.

The older brother, Andy, got the idea after driving through a place called South Gash in northern Scotland. He had a good laugh over the sign and then started researching other rudely-named locations nearby. It took the brothers six years to find all of the other places across the UK they wanted to visit and map out a plan to visit all of them.

Andy and Magnus then made the trip, taking photos of all of their stops with the names on signs. "It was a lot of fun and we actually saw a lot of interesting places. I'd say it's definitely an alternative way to see Britain. We just found it hilarious. We laughed our asses off at each place and that says a lot about us."

It took the two four days to complete the journey. They say it took between 60 and 90 minutes to drive between each stop.

Here is the list of the places the Tait brothers visited:

  • Belleden Gardens
  • C*mwhinton
  • C*cklakes
  • C*ckermouth
  • Cl*thero
  • Fanny Street
  • Slack Bottom Road
  • Upperthong
  • Penistone
  • Butthole Lane
  • Willey
  • Titty Hoe
  • Bell End
  • The Knob
  • Lower Swell
  • Old Sodsbury
  • Butcombe
  • Shaftesbury
  • Shitterton
  • Sandyballs
  • Pound Bottom Landfill
  • C*cking
  • Lickfold
  • S. Harting
  • Wilsford C*m Lake
  • Fingringhoe
  • Sl*tshole Lane
  • Feltwell
  • Fanny Hands Lane
  • Scunthorpe
  • Rimswell
  • Wetwang
  • Coxhoe

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