Nude Man Shooting Hoops Tells Cops "Playing Naked Enhances His Skill Level"

A man shooting hoops at a basketball court at a public park in a suburb of Orlando, Florida was arrested and charged with indecent exposure after cops found him naked.

After a call was made by an employee of Candyland Park in Longwood who reported a "white male who was not wearing any clothing," a patrol officer responded and found 29-year-old Jordon Anderson totally nude playing basketball.

According to the police report, the officer asked Anderson what he was doing. He "stated he was working on his basketball skills and he feels playing naked enhances his skill level."

Anderson was asked to put his clothes back and he complied. He was booked into the Seminole County jail on the misdemeanor.

Source: the smoking gun

Photo Credits: Seminole County Jail, Getty Images

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