INTERVIEW: "It's Mike Jones with Amy Lee of Evanescence"

Evanescence won't be touring too much this year but we are lucky enough to have them coming back to DC on Wednesday night!

I just spoke to Amy Lee about what's to come for their first ever show at The Anthem (which you can get tickets to by clicking here), the fun they're having getting back to rocking again, what Evanescence learned from playing with a symphony on Synthesis and that tour, when we can expect the next Evanescence album, how special it became when Amy was making her children's record Dream Too Much and that I'm completely jealous of her 4 year old son Jack!

Thank you so much for chatting, Amy Lee! Make sure to catch Evanescence on Wednesday night at The Anthem. Get your tickets here.

Here's our conversation and make sure you subscribe to the It's Mike Jones podcast for all of my interviews and more.

(photo: Evanescence)

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