Doctors Warn Men Penis Enlargement Does Not Work And Can Make It Smaller

Scientists and doctors are warning men who wish to undergo penis enlargement surgery to avoid the risks and forego it entirely based on findings of a recent study of men who have had it.

Researchers say out of over 1,000 men interviewed in their study, nearly 80% who underwent penis enlargement surgery are unhappy with the results. Many of them also say their penis now looks disfigured or even smaller than before.

Gordon Muir, a urological surgeon in London, helped lead the study. In an interview regarding the research, he says, "These procedures should almost never be done. They can cost up to [~$52,000], often the man ends up with a penis that is disfigured and there is no more than 20 percent satisfaction rates with these procedures."

The two most popular enlargement surgeries are filler injections to increase penis thickness and a surgery to cut a ligament near the tip of the penis to make it appear longer. But doctors say these surgeries are at a high risk of complications, sometimes resulting in numbness, scarring, erectile disfunction and/or regret.

Muir adds, "Many men who wish to undergo penis enlargement procedures have an average-sized penis but believe their size to be inadequate." Another expert claims that private clinics performing penis enlargement surgeries are preying on men who are insecure about their bodies and that most of the men undergoing the procedures have normal sized penises.

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