Baltimore TV Anchor Mary Bubala Fired Over 'Racist and Sexist' Question

Longtime Baltimore TV anchorwoman Mary Bubala, most recently with WJZ-TV Channel 13 for the past 15 years, was fired after asking a question on air that was deemed by some to be "racist and sexist."

While an interview segment aired with Dr. Kaye Wise Whitehead, a Loyola College professor on May 3rd, Bubala said,

The question I have for you. We have had three female African American [Baltimore City] Mayors in a row. They were all passionate public servants. Two resigned though. Is it a signal that a different kind of leadership is needed to move Baltimore City forward?

The question drew a lot of criticism from the Baltimore community, including the Baltimore Association of Black Journalists. They released a statement responding to what they called a "racist and sexist" question, saying it "implies race and gender are qualifiers in one's ability to lead whole also demonizing African-Americans and women as poor leaders."

Bubala issued an apology on Twitter. "Last night, during a live interview, I asked a question that did not come out the way I intended. I am so deeply sorry and sincerely regret the words I chose," she wrote.

It seems the apology was not enough to save her job. WJZ's station general manager provided a statement to The Baltimore Sun on Monday night, informing the newspaper that Mary Bubala had been fired.

Many of Mary's former co-workers and supporters questioned the decision on Twitter, upset that only after the noise of criticism became loud did they fire her. Others stood with her and say she raised a legitimate question. Bubala made a response to The Baltimore Sun regarding her firing earlier today.

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