18-Year-Old Hungover Dude Realizes He Just Dropped $4,500 at Strip Club

An 18-year-old dude from the UK had an unforgettable night at a strip club. Unforgettable in more ways than one.

Will Turton wanted to "live like Pablo Escobar" so he visited the X in the City strip club in Liverpool, England. There, he got a number of lap dances for £120 (about $156 USD) for 30 minutes. Not too bad, except according to one of Will's friends, he had as many as four ladies giving him a dance at once.

Again, not the worst until, according to the friend, he got to the club at 4pm and was there until 1am.

Will racked up a grand total of... £3,500 ($4,569) at the place, wiping out his entire bank account until his card got declined. He claims someone spiked one of his drinks and doesn't remember anything (the legal drinking age in England is 18).

Someone took a couple photos of Will's reaction when he woke up at a hotel the next day and realized what happened. Classic.

Photo Credits: Deadline News/Facebook

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