Dude Uses Walmart Intercom to Broadcast a Fart to Shoppers (VIDEO)

Rarely does an interruption to your shopping at Walmart for a broadcast over the intercom catch your attention. Usually, these messages are in regards to assistance needed at checkout, cleanup needed or to find a manager.

Well, this dude interrupts a Paula Abdul hit from the 80's with a simple message for everyone.

He hijacks the intercom and begins with the standard, "Attention all Walmart shoppers."

Then, he proceeds to position the phone to his ass and farts directly into the speaker.

A simple, courteous "Thank you" is spoken by the dude and he hangs up.

We would love to see some surveillance video of the rest of the store to see shoppers reactions.

Dude Farts Over the Intercom at Walmart (VIDEO) - Thumbnail Image

Dude Farts Over the Intercom at Walmart (VIDEO)

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