R Kelly's Lawyers Claim Recent No-Show in Court Is Because He Can't Read

R. Kelly has been in some hot water recently over allegations of sexual abuse, and the Lifetime Channel's documentary Surviving R. Kelly only added fuel to the fire. Since the documentary, Kelly has been charged with ten counts of criminal sex abuse.

Kelly appeared on CBS with Gayle King in an attempt to clear the air, but the odd interview only seemed to make things worse.

Although R. Kelly threatened to "sue everybody" involved in the Lifetime documentary, the TV channel is planning to air another documentary highlighting the aftereffects of it, called Surviving R. Kelly: The Impact which airs May 4th.

It's unknown if the new documentary will feature Kelly's latest legal issue: a failure to appear in court in regards to an allegation that he sexually abused a 16-year-old girl.

Kelly's attorneys say they served him the documents even though he was in jail at the time and that he should have not been served the documents while he was there. Furthermore, his attorneys say he "suffers from a learning disability that adversely affects his ability to read... in essence he cannot."

The attorneys are asking the court to vacate the decision of a default judgement for the case involving the papers because he shouldn't have been served in jail and that he can't read the papers and didn't know he needed to be in court.

Source: Tone Deaf

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