Florida Man Threatens to Kill Landscaper After Grass Clippings Left on Lawn

48-year-old Anthony Sabella of Spring Hill, Florida was arrested after an altercation with workers of a law-care service company.

A police report says that Sabella was mad that there were grass clippings on his walkway and and called the owner of the lawn-care company. The business owner claimed that when he came to the man's property to clean up the clippings, Sabella emerged from his home and threatened to shoot him. The business owner then left the premises because of the threat.

According to the sheriff's office, Sabella got into a vehicle and tracked down the business owner and his business partner in their vehicle at a stop sign. There, Sabella allegedly flashed a firearm at the two men, yelled racial slurs at them and threatened to kill them.

The two lawn-care workers called 911, but police were unsuccessful in their attempt to locate Sabella at the time.

Afterwards, law enforcement attempted to contact Sabella but were unable to communicate with him. They issued a warrant for his arrest and later waited him to emerge from his home and detained him. Sabella is being charged with possession of a firearm/ammunition by a felon and two counts of aggravated assault with a firearm. He is being held without bail.

Photo Credit: Hernando County Sheriff’s Office

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