Florida Man Impersonates a Cop, Tries to Pull Over an Undercover Cop

A Florida Man finds himself in deep trouble after attempting to pull over an undercover cop. 26-year old Matthew J. Erris is in deep trouble because he is not a cop.

Erris installed red-and-blue police-style lights to the front of his 2007 Chevy Trailblazer which he was able to activate with a switch. He activated the lights while driving on Paul Buchman Highway near Tampa, Florida in an attempt to pull over the driver in front of him. Little did he know that driver was an undercover sheriff's detective in an unmarked agency car.

The detective says Erris activated the lights on his car behind him at an intersection and attempted to conduct a traffic stop on him once they were on the highway. The detective made no attempt to pull over, but instead notified dispatchers to send officers to find Erris after he turned off the lights and passed him.

A police officer pulled over Erris shortly after and Erris tried to explain that the lights were used to help him "get through heavy traffic." The Trailblazer also had a public address system installed with speakers, a light bar installed on the roof, and an airsoft pistol hidden under the front passenger's seat.

Erris was arrested and charged with impersonating a public officer. The Sheriff's Office is looking for other people who believe Erris victimized them.

Source: Tampa Bay Times

Photo Credit: Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office

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