Florida High School Student Arrested After Attempting to 'RKO' Principal

A high school student was arrested after attempting to perform a professional wrestling move on his principal in the hallway.

18-year old Gianny Sosa was arrested and charged with battery on a school official and interference with an educational institution after the attempted stunt.

Video of the incident was captured, showing Sosa approach his principal and yelling "RKO!" before grabbing the man's head and attempting to pull it down in a similar fashion as Randy Orton, the WWE entertainer whom the move is named after.

The principal, Humberto Miret, countered the attempt and put Sosa in a headlock and reportedly took Sosa into an empty classroom.

According to one of Gianny's family members, he allegedly said before the act that "he was just going to hug the principal, he wasn't going to harm him in any way."

Sosa says he didn't mean to hurt the principal and had joked with him beforehand. However, the arrest report states Miret was adamant about pursuing charges against Sosa.

Source: ABC13.com

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