Carroll County Couple Arrested After 27 Dead Dogs Found on Property

Two residents of a property in Carroll County, MD were arrested on 51 charges of animal cruelty after authorities found an alarming amount of dogs, both dead and alive, in miserable living conditions.

49-year old John Roberts and 55-year old Laura Filler of Hampstead were detained after warrants were issued on charges of animal cruelty, aggravated cruelty, hazardous substance/endangerment of pets.

Initially, 11 dead dogs were discovered and 27 dogs still alive were rescued from the property. However, upon further investigation of the property on a more recent date, authorities found 16 additional dead dogs "in a locked shed on the property, and one additional deceased dog was recovered from the residence, all of which were in varying stages of decomposition."

Sheriff James DeWees said, "This was one of the most disturbing scenes that many of the first responders have ever seen. We are continuing the investigation and are supporting the staff at the Humane Society."

The discovery was made after Animal Control was called because of a call of concern over the amount of dogs inside the residence and no people being visible at the place in more than a week. Officials say the entire house was in disgusting condition with dog feces everywhere.

Donations can be made to help with the rehabilitation of the rescued dogs through the Humane Society of Carroll County.

Photo Credit: Carroll County Sheriff's Office

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