Introducing the Goth Crocs, Complete With Spikes and Chains

Goths rejoice. Finally, goth footwear that doesn't take a toll on your arches. Introducing the spiked Croc.

The Etsy store Heavy Cream is selling the Croc creation for just under $250 to weed out the posers!

These black Crocs come with metal spikes around the heel straps, studded metal accents across the tongue area and chains adorn the outer sole. You can even accessorize with an additional chain which attaches to the belt loops at the bottom of your pants.

You can probably even pull these off if you're not a goth. Punks and metalheads could get some mileage out of them we reckon. As if Crocs weren't already suitable enough for every occasion.

Photo Credit: Etsy/Heavy Cream

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