Teacher Shares Nasty Photo of Tongue From Having 6+ Energy Drinks a Day

A teacher from Australia shared a gruesome photo of his tongue to Facebook, hoping it would serve as a warning to people who like energy drinks.

Dan Royals says he drinks about six energy drinks a day, and his doctor told him the "burns" and blisters on his tongue were caused by the drinks.

"Who drinks energy drinks? Addicted to them? You may want to think again. That's what that sh*t does to your tongue, imagine what it's like on your internals. Up until recently when this started to occur, I was drinking at least 5-6 a day (lack of energy teaching kids usually) and I brush daily, went to the doctor and boom! Found out it's the chemicals in these drinks that are causing it... it literally eats away at your tongue," Royals writes.

It's not clear the specific energy drink(s) the man was drinking, but many of them contain a laundry list of chemicals and loads of sugar in them.

And it's no mystery that consuming too many energy drinks is bad for you. So add another problem to that list.

Photo Credit: Facebook/Get It Off Your Chest

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