Couple Sued for Playing Iron Maiden Too Loudly

An elderly couple in Stockholm, Sweden was sued by their neighbor because the couple played Iron Maiden music "relentlessly at high volumes from October through February."

The couple was arrested and are now facing a lawsuit. The 81-year old man and 71-year old woman allegedly played Iron Maiden at an intentionally high volume to disturb their neighbor who had recently moved in.

"The harassment has just continued, I am completely devastated. How should I stay?" the neighbor said, also claiming that a stereo system was aimed at their home. Police later uncovered a second sound system in the couple's basement also aimed at the neighbor's house.

The woman told reporters, "We wanted to show the neighbor how loud it sounded." The man added, "We wanted to give back." Apparently the charges have since been dropped.

I mean, Iron Maiden is pretty awesome but to have someone intentionally blast any music at you for five months would get on anyone's nerves.

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