Massive Potholes on the BW Parkway Are Destroying People's Cars

The Baltimore-Washington Parkway is in bad shape right now. Really bad shape. The roads are so littered with potholes right now that the speed limit has been reduced to 40 mph and road crews are trying to repair the worst parts. But the potholes are so bad that they are destroying people's tires, wheels and bumpers.

Despite over 60 tons of asphalt being laid into potholes on part of the dangerous stretch of the road, many drivers are still having damage done to their vehicles. Some drivers have even driven into the surrounding trees after losing control on the parkway.

Many drivers are frustrated with the National Park Service, which maintains authority over the road. The roads are being described as "driving on a piece of Swiss cheese" to describe how bad it is right now.

People are being told to file a claim with the government if your car is damaged by the road. We'll see how that one works out.

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