"It's Mike Jones: WWE Superstar Nia Jax"

This is the best time of year for all of us WWE fans with WrestleMania right around the corner! All of the Superstars are making moves to be a part of WWE's biggest show of the year, including Nia Jax, my guest on 'It's Mike Jones'.

Nia and I talked about the upcoming WWE Live: Road To WrestleMania show on March 3rd at Eaglebank Arena (which you can get tickets to by clicking here), the emotional return of Roman Reigns, the shocking comeback of Batista, being a fan and a WWE Superstar, thinking about WrestleMania, her plans with Tamina to take the WWE Women's Tag Team Champions from Sasha Banks and Bayley and what the best cure is for the pain after fighting in the Elimination Chamber.

Here's our conversation and make sure you get tickets for WWE Live this Sunday at Eaglebank Arena!

(photo: Getty Images)

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