"It's Mike Jones - Randy From Trailer Park Boys / Patrick Roach"

If you're looking for a good friggin' time, look no further than Randy's Cheeseburger Picnic ! Randy is bringing the madness of Trailer Park Boys on the road, coming to The State Theatre in Falls Church on February 21st. You can find out about tickets by clicking here.

Randy, aka Patrick Roach, joined "It's Mike Jones" to talk about how much fun he's having in every city, a lifelong love of cheeseburgers, getting folks in the audience involved in the show and making sure there's enough liquor for everyone on the upcoming Trailer Park Boys Cruise . Then, Patrick Roach jumped on the phone with some fun memories of John Dunsworth (Mr. Lahey) and talks about how cool life is as Randy.

Here's my conversation with Randy / Patrick Roach! And make sure you subscribe to "It's Mike Jones" to keep up on all of my interviews / gaming / nonsense. Gracias!

(photo: Trailer Park Boys)

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