Roche's 12th Annual JEW ROCK MARATHON

Roche Presents the 12th Annual


Thursday, December 6th, 2018

4 – 7 PM

Your radio dial is filled with Christmas music this time of year, but what about our Jewish brothers and sisters? Where is THEIR music? 

Take part in this year's listener favorite as Roche and DC101 celebrate Jewish culture for the 12th year in-a-row! Enjoy 3 hours of music from Jewish rockers along with some very special guests.

Also as part of this year's festivities, DC101 will hold an auction for this incredible one-of-a-kind custom made musical themed menorah. All proceeds will benefit the JCC of Greater Pittsburgh for their efforts following the tragedy in October. More details and auction link coming soon!

Thanks to Parkway Deli!

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