Major Metro Shutdown Coming on November 26th for DC and NoVa

Starting on Monday, November 26th and lasting until Sunday, December 9th, the DC Metro's Yellow Line will be completely shut down for repair work. Specifically, the Yellow Line Bridge across the Potomac River will be repaired structurally and infrastructure improvements will be made. The project was announced in February and is the last of the four major improvement projects for 2018.

The DC WMATA shared the following information:

Immediately following the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, Metro will begin a continuous 14-day capital project (10 commuting days) on the Yellow Line bridge over the Potomac River beginning Monday, November 26 through Sunday, December 9. The project will include structural repairs, and rail infrastructure improvements, such as grout pad reconstruction and fastener replacement along the entire bridge.

Yellow Line services will be completely shut down in order to safely and quickly complete the repairs and commuters are being urged to use alternate means of travel. The Blue Line will operate at an increased capacity to help relieve the traffic burden from the Yellow and additional shuttle buses are going to be deployed. 

Yellow Line commuters inside DC are encouraged to take the Green Line and Virginia travelers are encouraged to use the Blue Line.

Photo: Getty Images

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