Lovely Ladies Wanted for Stealing Over $600 in Sex Toys from Adult Store

Police are on the lookout for a group of women who allegedly stole over $600 worth of "high-end vibrators" from an adult store.

Garry Smith, owner of Libido Adult Super Store in Perth, Australia says the women stole four vibrators in all. He says one of them, called the Come Hither Rabbit, sells for $280 alone, with the other three toys worth between $85 and $140 each. Smith added that one woman entered his store alone and unboxed a toy and stole it while he was busy attending to customers. 

According to CCTV footage, the woman later reentered the store along with a friend where they took three vibrators into the dressing room. Inside they allegedly unboxed them and hid them inside of their clothing. 

Smith says about $2,500 worth of products are stolen from Libido every six months. He says, "It's just a constant issue for us. We have a lot of issues because we are one of the few retailers on the street, we're open during night time to capture that passing trade." He is offered a $50 gift card to anyone who can help identify the shoplifters.

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