Burger King's Halloween Drink Is Turning People's Turds All Kinds of Colors

Burger King has been at it with the weird colored foods and drinks for a while now. A couple years back, they introduced the hamburger with a black bun, followed by one with a red bun, and most recently, a green bun

The only issue with those was that people pooping became a much bigger story than the fact the food is weird colors. The burger with the black bun turned people's deuces green. Couldn't find any articles for the other two, but something tells me eating foods saturated with dyes probably has the same effect.

The latest in Burger King's artificial manipulation of your digestive system is the frozen Scary Black Cherry drink. First of all, it doesn't really look black. More like a dirty dark green. Secondly, it's reportedly turning people's poops a plethora of colors like Dr. Seuss blue. What is that?

There you have it, folks. Drink one of those bad boys and find out if your poop turns black, blue, green or somewhere in between.

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