People Cheer As Emotional Support Squirrel Lady Is Removed from Plane

A woman on a Frontier Airlines flight had to be removed from an airplane because the airline refused to allow the woman to fly with her "emotional-support" squirrel. While Frontier does allow for emotional support animals, their policy doesn't extend to rodents. The woman made an indication on her flight reservation that she would be boarding with an animal but failed to detail that it was a squirrel. 

When the woman refused to leave the plane, the police were called in order to remove her. Passengers on the plane were also asked to head back to the boarding area at the request of the police. Video footage of the woman being wheeled out off the plane shows the passengers cheering as the woman passes by.

The incident resulted in a two hour flight delay.

On Frontier's special services policies page, it states, "We do not accept unusual or exotic animals including but not limited to rodents, reptiles, insects, hedgehogs, rabbits, sugar gliders, non-household birds or improperly cleaned and/or animals with foul odor."

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