Mascot Aims T-Shirt Cannon Backwards and Takes One to the Dink


Who doesn't love the t-shirt cannon at a sporting event? Those things have quite a bit of power and can launch one deep into the seats, giving everyone a potential chance at taking home some sweet merch. Probably wouldn't want to get shot by one of them at close range!

Whelp, that's what happened unfortunately. 

At a recent football game at Colorado University, their buffalo mascot does his rounds as usual and we end up at the part where he fires off the t-shirt cannon into the crowd. Little does he know, he's aiming the cannon backwards, straight at his you-know-what. That suit has some padding, but probably not enough to stop a 100 mph cotton t-shirt packed up tightly like a baseball. The shot hits him in the groin so hard both feet nearly come off the ground, sending him straight to the ground. 

Guess he wasn't able to walk after this because there's a video clip of him getting carted off the field. At least it's a good sign that he is able to manage waving to the crowd. Hoping for a 100% recovery.



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