Mark Tremonti Says No One Is Asking for a Creed Reunion

Between Alter Bridge and his solo band, Mark Tremonti has been a busy man. Tremonti released their fourth album this summer, A Dying Machine, and have been touring extensively since then with so signs of stopping in the immediate future.

Mark joined Jamey Jasta on The Jasta Show podcast recently where he addresses his days with Creed, who have been inactive since 2012. Jasta asks, "Do you get asked a lot about Creed these days?" to which Tremonti replies, "Very, very little. When people ask me about Creed, they always apologize first. Like, 'Sorry, may I ask you some Creed questions?'"

Jasta later asks Mark if he gets offers for another Creed reunion, to which he replies:

No, I just think people know our schedule's booked through the end of next year... People say, 'Is it done? Is it over? Is there new music coming out?' I'm sitting on an entire Creed album that hasn't got.. When we were together doing the reunion tour, we put a lot of music together and I have like really sketchy little demons of probably 13 songs. I listened to them maybe a year ago and they're good songs.

It's just, there's no time... Is it good enough to maybe 10 years from now or 7 years from now... or some big resurgence happens or there's an anniversary where everybody's like, 'We want to see Creed and the world demands it like they used to.' I wouldn't say no.

Scott Stapp joined the band Art of Anarchy is 2016 but left earlier this year and was involved in a lawsuit with the band. 


Photo Credit: Fernando Leon/Getty Images