Mike Jones Talks To Brann Dailor of Mastodon

(photo: Getty Images)

Mastodon has been rocking strong since 2000 and things couldn't be going better for them right now. They just wrapped up a tour with Primus and are getting set to go back on the road soon with Dinosaur, Jr.

Mastodon's drummer Brann Dailor called to talk about the upcoming show at The Fillmore Silver Spring on September 21st, being suggested as the person to take over for Neil Peart in Rush, where a new Mastodon fan should start their musical journey, the new "Red Death" song for the Dark Knights Metal comic series and his ever-growing beer collection!

Here's our conversation!


And if you go here, you can see the article that Brann and I talked about, how he could be one of the people to take over for Neil Peart in Rush.

Big thanks to Brann for calling in and I'm sure you'll have no problem finding people to help you go through that beer collection! 

Get out to see Mastodon on September 21st at The Fillmore Silver Spring with Dinosaur, Jr. You can grab tickets by clicking here.


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