Tom Wilson Eats Lucky Charms Out of the Stanley Cup

Players on the team that hold the Stanley Cup have been known to do some pretty weird things with it. Unlike other sports, where each year a new copy of the league championship trophy is made for the team that wins it, the Stanley Cup is the exact same trophy year-after-year. 

Each player on the winning team usually gets one private day with the Cup in their possession. Tom Wilson took advantage of his day with it to eat a bowl of Lucky Charms out of it. Knowing the history of the Cup, we're not sure we'd do the same. Apparently the Stanley Cup has been pooped and peed in, had dog food eaten out of it, and been licked among many other things. 

But hey, if you trust that the Cup can be cleaned thoroughly enough, why not add to the list of strange things that have happened to it? And why not eat some Lucky Charms for good luck next season?



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