Mike Jones Talks With Jared Leto

Thirty Seconds To Mars brought the greatness to Jiffy Lube Live last night! The set was incredible and the performance was one of a kind, with the moving screens, Jared Leto dancing around everywhere, Shannon killing it on the drums, tons of people joining them on stage, it was epic! 

Before Thirty Seconds To Mars hit the stage, Jared and I chatted about coming home to DC, The Monolith Tour, headlining MSG, sharing the musical adventure with his brother, an update on the documentary and if the beard will ever come off! 



(All photos are mine.)

Thanks again for taking a few minutes to chat, Jared. Can't wait to see what's next for Thirty Seconds To Mars! And this is the performance from The Late Late Show with Trump and Kim Jong-un that we talked about. I hope these two return for more!



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