Hanging Out With The Regrettes

Get The Regrettes on your musical radar, they're definitely a band you need to pay attention to! They came to play at the iHeartradio Southwest Soundstage and then we chatted for a bit. Lydia, Genessa and Sage told me about playing at all of the different festivals this year (including BONERoooooo), trying to play it cool backstage, their "Helpless" Hamilton cover, The Distillers and the sonsabitches that stole their stuff in the U.K.


Outstanding conversation! Definitely go to see The Regrettes with Cold War Kids on June 17th at Rams Head Live in Baltimore. You can click here for tickets. Also, you can pick up the Attention Seeker EP and meet them earlier that day at The Sound Garden. That would be a wise choice too. 

Here's their performance from the Southwest Soundstage and the "Helpless" cover from Hamilton.



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