'Underbeard' Trend Is Hilariously Disturbing And Taking Over The Internet

Everyone always says that men look better with beards. But if you look at these photos, you may think otherwise.

The newest internet challenge urges men with facial hair to share 'underbeard' selfies. While they're only photos of men's necks while they are looking straight up, the results prove that hairy chins aren’t sexy from all angles.

*Scroll to the end to see Roche's pic*

We even had a few DC101 listeners participate on our Facebook page. Roche (of course) sharing his thoughts in the comments. 

Then you have the outtakes from people ATTEMPTING the 'Underbeard' challengeHonestly, I'm not sure which ones are most disturbing.

Last but not least, Roche even jumped in on the action. 

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