A Craft Beer at Nats Park Will Run You a Smooth $16

If you're heading to Nats Park this season and want to grab a craft beer, you might want to bring some extra cash. 

A fan tweeted a photo of a menu board which includes a "Craft Draft Beer" and "Craft Bottled Beer" priced at $16 and a "Premium Bottled Beer" at $15. Others were quick to point out that the Craft Draft Beer comes in a 24oz cup which is equivalent to $8 for what would be two standard 12oz cans of beer. The bottled beers are noted as being 25oz.

Also note, it's not clear what is considered a "craft" beer at the park. Given the ambiguity of the word, brands like Goose Island, Blue Point, Shock Top, and Devil's Backbone probably fall under this classification, but are all properties of Anheuser-Busch InBev. 

There are still some local microbreweries offered at the stadium like DC Brau, Old Ox, Mad Fox and Port City.


Since the price of $16 is apparently for a 24 oz. pour, it is likely around the size of this cup:



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