DC101 Plug In 3/27/18

The Nationals host the Twins today at 4:05 at Nats Park.

What a terrible idea. A Broadway show about 'Vacation' is in the works.

"Sir, why did you break into the Pizza Hut?" "Because I'm Jesus Christ, that's why."

Newer headlights are too bright for many drivers.

During her interview on 60 Minutes, searches for Stormy Daniels went way up on porn sites.

Capitals got a 4-2 win over the Rangers and made it a 3-0 road trip. Tomorrow they play the Rangers at home at 8pm.

Two scumbags were caught stealing stuffed animals and other items from a memorial outside of Stoneman Douglas High School.

At this point, only 4% of people are sticking to their New Year's Resolutions.


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