DC101 Plug In 3/22/18

Uber and Lyft prices might go up in DC to help fix Metro's problems?! Booooo!

Capitals start their 3 game road trip against the Red Wings tonight at 7:30 in Detroit.

Madame Tussauds will soon feature a wax Meghan Markle statue in NYC and London.

With Cheesy Shampoo and Wakin' Bacon Conditioner, you can smell like breakfast all day.

A clerk in Kansas tracked down the person who dropped a $1M lottery ticket.

Why was a truck driving around in Portugal with a giant snow penis in the back?

A Ukrainian woman says the secret to staying young is running in the snow and swimming naked in icy water every week.

The men's Sweet Sixteen games are happening today and tomorrow while the women are back on the court on Friday and Saturday.


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