Liam Gallagher Pays Tribute To Manchester Victims at BRIT Awards

Liam Gallagher

During this year's BRIT Awards, Liam Gallagher paid tribute to the victims of the horrific Manchester bombing last May at an Ariana Grande concert. 

Ariana was scheduled to perform the tribute at the awards show, but as reported by The Mirror, had pulled out last minute due to an illness. According to the publication, the pop star was instructed not to fly by her doctors after becoming sick.

Liam, who had performed at Ariana's One Love Manchester concert last year, stepped in to honor all of the victims who passed away and were injured following the attack and performed a beautiful version of Oasis' hit "Live Forever."


Before Liam performed, singer/songwriter/record producer Gary Barlow spoke about the attacks, about Ariana, and about her One Love Manchester concert. He said:

"May 22, 2017 will always be remembered for the saddest of reasons. That night, 14,000 people were having a wonderful time, watching Ariana Grande perform at the Manchester Arena. These innocent, beautiful, music-loving people were blissfully unaware that in just a few moments, their lives would change forever. A horrific terrorist attack took place, stealing the lives, dreams and futures of 22 people while injuring and maiming hundreds of others. Lives changed irreparably, forever. Weeks later, Ariana returned to the city to host the One Love Manchester concert, helping the families and the survivors of victims of the tragedy. It was an event that epitomized the human spirit, an event that showed hate will never win and fear will never divide us."

Photo: Getty Images


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