Art of Anarchy Sue Scott Stapp for $1.2M

Art of Anarchy have sued singer Scott Stapp for $1.2M, saying that he "repeatedly and continually shirked his contractual obligations" with actions that allegedly cost the band a record contract and refused to promote the band and fulfill touring agreements. 

According to, the complaint filed against Stapp also reads, "If Stapp had dedicated himself to Art of Anarchy with the same fervor that he dedicated to his solo career, Art of Anarchy would have had a successful concert tour and its record contract would not have been terminated."

Stapp recorded with the band on their second album, The Madness, and participated in a short tour in April 2017 following the record's release near the end of March. However, the complaint also says that after that tour, Stapp only promoted his solo shows and participated in the "Make America Rock Again" tour as a solo act although Art of Anarchy was supposed to take part as well. Scott also allegedly failed to show up for an Art of Anarchy music video shoot that was booked after that tour ended in October. Art of Anarchy's record contract was terminated shortly after.

Stapp is also being accused of failing to repay a $200K loan that he requested upfront to join the band, claiming that it never happened.

This isn't the first time Art of Anarchy has had vocalist issues. The band started without a singer in 2011 with Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal (Guns N' Roses), brothers Jon and Vince Votta, and John Moyer (Disturbed). For their first album, Scott Weiland was recruited to write and record vocals. Weiland also appeared in promotional photos and two music videos, but quickly distanced himself from the band, saying he was merely a hired gun and not a full member of Art of Anarchy. Weiland later went as far as saying that the band "was a scam from the beginning." 

The band sued Weiland $20M before his death in December 2015 for a similar set of reasons they are now suing Stapp for. Weiland counter-sued, saying Art of Anarchy had unlawfully used his name and image to promote the band.

Source: Loudwire

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