DC101 Plug In 2/8/18

Beware of the mail eating cows in Iowa!

There's a video of a corgi riding a pony that you should see.

A naked man, tripping on LSD and covered in oil, tangled with the police and was tased in the snow.

What a shame. A McLaren, a Porsche and a Mercedes were all totaled in a street racing accident in Colombia.

After having their 5 game winning streak snapped, the Wizards are looking to start a new one tonight against the Celtics.

'Solo: A Star Wars Story' is going to be a "heist, gunslinger type movie" according to Entertainment Weekly.

Big news for 30 Seconds To Mars! America is coming on in April and we'll see them this summer for The Monolith Tour!

Even though the Opening Ceremony isn't until tomorrow, competition has already begun at the Winter Olympics.


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