Bud Light Is Going To Give Free Beer To Eagles Fans

The Philadelphia Eagles beat the New England Patriots 41-33 to win the first Super Bowl in franchise history. It was a classic game and one with historic implications, and the city of Philadelphia went NUTS.

Honestly, a little too nuts, as Eagles fans literally tore apart the city last night following the victory.

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The Newest Video Challenge Is Here And You Shouldn't Try It
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And, honestly, watching the celebrations in the City of Brotherly Love unfold, I'm sure we all thought "Man, these people REALLY need a free beer to get the party going"?

Well, your wish is Bud Light's command, as the beer company is offering free Bud Light to Eagles fans on the day of their victory parade.

Seem random? It's not.  Let's backtrack a bit.

Back on August 2nd, Lane Johnson, who plays along the offensive line for the Eagles, promised free beer for the city if the Eagles won it all.


Just to be clear...this was before the season ever started, and Philadelphia didn't even MAKE THE PLAYOFFS last year, so the odds of this actually happening were pretty slim.

Nonetheless, Bud Light, being the savvy social media brand that they are, volunteered to fuel the fun.


Well, the season unfolded, and the Eagles made an unlikely run to the big game with their BACKUP QUARTERBACK...and then defeated the GOAT Tom Brady in spectacular fashion.


Free beer for an entire city?? SURELY Bud Light would renege on the deal, right?

Well, Lane Johnson wouldn't let them forget


And Bud Light is making good on the bet, as they tweeted out late last night.


So, basically, Bud Light is sending reps to every bar along the parade route to provide one free beer to everybody that stops by.

Because just what Philly needs...is free beer in the middle of the day   

Oh, well.  Congrats to the Eagles on a historic win.



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